Security Through Real - Time Communication

FrandMe’s Secure Network

“FrandMe® is a perfect app for me.  When I don’t know how to do homework or have questions, I can communicate with my teacher after school hours and get an almost instant response.  It’s great!” 

Jason S., Student  

“I love FrandMe because I can communicate with my son’s teacher and know exactly how he is REALLY doing in class!”

Deborah L., Parent

“As a teacher, FrandMe lets me communicate with my students in mass when I need to as well as support what they learn in class with project details, homework assignments, etc.  When students are absent, it also enables me to give them their missing assignments so they are not so far behind when they return to school.”

Mary H.,  Teacher 

“Wow!  FrandMe is awesome!  It’s a great app that let’s me do project work with my classmates without having to meet.  It keeps projects on track and also let’s the teacher see who is putting the most effort into projects vs members of the project team that are slacking.  I love it!” 

Shelly R., Student  

“The FrandMe program is great for schools because it allows the teachers to communicate with students and parents while allowing the school to keep everyone informed in a simple and uncomplicated way.  What we like best is the fact that the students are using it.  Most school programs are only utilized by teachers and administrators.  FrandMe is used by everyone, including parents.  It is a GREAT communication tool and we love that it is secure.”

Steven C., Administrator  

“I love FrandMe’s Code Red system.  As a parent, I feel much better knowing that first responders come immediately following a Code Red alert and there are not a lot of extra phone calls required.  I also like that I am able to receive information during an emergency so I’m not in the dark.  It makes me much more comfortable knowing our school is doing their best to protect my child.”  

Laura B., Parent  
Srg. Gary
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