Security Through Real - Time Communication

FrandMe’s Secure Network

Communication, either personalized, private or in groups are all conducted through FrandMe’s secure network. Students are able to ask questions of teachers at all hours, and teachers are free to respond at their convenience. Communications are sent through a “push” communication that appears on the receiving party’s home screen, so communications are not lost in missed text or email. This also provides for an efficient and easy way to respond more rapidly.

Parents are able to view all communications between their student and the teacher if they so elect. No communication, once posted, can be deleted.

Parents and students must register with a specific teacher at a specific school and be “invited” by the user, much like a friend must accept a friend request on FaceBook. Once registered, parents and students may receive instant messaging communications as alerts on their phone or teachers can simply communicate school events, changes in schedule, meetings, curriculum, homework and the like through the system.


Teachers are able to group students by class schedule so they are able to communicate a specific message to a specific group of students with the push of a button. Because communications are through a “push” on the phone, they are not lost in missed text messages or email.