Red / Yellow / Blue / Green

Code Red, Code Yellow, Code Blue
and Code Green

There are 4 colors that FrandMe includes in the basic package:  Code Red, Code Yellow, Code Blue and Code Green.  Restrictions as to who may activate a “Code” can be set up at the discretion of each individual school.  Generally, this is restricted to teachers and administration. Schools may individually decide what “Code” colors they wish to utilize.

Code Red

In the event of an emergency, any teacher or administrator (not student) can identify a Code Red threat.  Code Red, for example, could be for a shooter, fire or similar significant emergency.  When a Code Red emergency occurs, the appropriate first responders will also receive the same alert in real-time and can immediately respond without time delay.  This provides immediate response capability by all required parties to the school.  An audible alert is also sounded upon a Code Red emergency, alerting everyone within the school’s notification system that the school is in lockdown until the emergency is over.

Desktop Code Red iPhone

Code Yellow

Alerts should only come from administrators.  Students and teachers are not able to create a Code Yellow alert.  Code Yellow is used for school notifications such as snow or hurricane days, special events, altered school schedules and similar situations where mass communication to the school’s student/parent/teacher universe is required.


Code Blue

Identifies a medical or other emergency and may be executed by teachers or administrators.  In addition to obvious medical assistance needed, Code Blue can also be used to identify moderate emergencies that are not of a Code Red level, such as a fight in progress, flood or water pipe breakage or some similar type of emergency alert.


Code Green

Is the “all clear” notification.  In the event of a Code Red, all participants may be notified with a Code Green that the emergency has been handled and is over.  Throughout the “Code” process, communication is available in the form of text messages.   In an effort to minimize panic and create a more efficient and secure mass communication platform, FrandMe’s secure messaging system may be used throughout an emergency to keep school associated people informed.


Every school can determine the various “codes” they wish to utilize and can customize what each of those “codes” signify.